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Jeffrey Hannan

Jeffrey Hannan reading"Hannan's beautiful work calls to mind the Armistead Maupin novels...but Hannan, in my opinion, is the better writer. "
- J.L. Fletcher


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KRON-4 Interview
May 23, 2018
Not the sort of publicity one relishes: Coverage of my lovely Hawaiian homestead getting wiped out by the 2018 Kilauea lava flow in Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Lately, I've been limiting my appearances to:
  - The front room at Arlequin wine shop (Hayes Valley)
  - Dinner at the bar at L'Ardoise (Duboce)
  - Spending too much on groceries at Falletti grocery (Oak St)
  - My desk

Wordstock 2012
Portland, OR
- Digital publishing panelist: "Extreme Book Makeover: Digital Press"
- Reading from HugoSF

'Smackdab' at Magnet
San Francisco
Feb 15, 2012

Reading from HugoSF

Queer Open Mic at Modern Times Bookstore
San Francisco
Feb 24, 2012

Reading from HugoSF

HugoSF Book Launch Party
2 Sisters Bar + Books
San Francisco
November 10, 2011

2011 Paperback Launch

Milkbar #26
Oakland, CA
November 8, 2010

Reading of "Rapture" (short story)

Milkbar #8
Oakland, CA
August 5, 2005

Reading from novel in progress (HugoSF)

Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco
January 30, 1996

Reading from "The Letters of Harwins" (unpublished novel)
with performance by David Mills

Centro Cultural de la Raza
San Diego, CA
December 1, 1992

"A Close Encounter with Art" (personal narrative)

Blue Door Bookstore
San Diego, CA
August 18, 1992

Reading of "Burning Books" (short story) in a program with poet Ramon Garcia and comedian David Mills

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