School: Urinals & Uniforms

Raised in private school in northern Virginia, where he was instructed in proper toilet etiquette – along with Latin, Mandarin, French and the dissection of frogs – Jeffrey Hannan has been writing since the 8th grade, when a one-act play he self-published on a steno pad was promptly filed away in his record by the Master of the Upper School.

The Truly Long & Winding Road

He has studied at Virginia Tech, Catholic University, San Francisco State, San Diego Mesa College, and San Diego City College, eventually earning a BA in Literature/Writing (cum laude) from the University of California - San Diego. He eschewed graduate school largely due to factors of fatigue and poverty, and to a lesser degree because of a poor understanding of politics.

He remains bitter about having missed magna cum laude by a mere .025 but finds solace in pulling weeds and slumming at the beaches of fine hotels of which he is not a guest.


A former book reviewer for the Gay and Lesbian Times, he has workshopped his writing with Rae Armantrout, Quincy Troupe, Bernard Cooper and others.

"HugoSF" is his first published novel (Pohoiki Press, 2011). This tale of love and drudgery recounts the story of Hugo Storm, a hapless digiteratus sucked up into the Internet 1.0, constantly questioning and redefining what truth is.

"The Punatics" (2014-2015) is his latest creation. The online serial novel, set in the wilds of the Puna district, in the southeast corner of the Big Island of Hawai'i, debuted on Valentine's Day 2014.

He blogs (i.e., publishes very occasional, sometimes well thought-out snobservations and ruminations) under the moniker "A Gentle Iconoclast in Paradise". Online at

Will Work for Airfare

After sixteen-plus Fellini-esque years working under the Internet's fist, Jeffrey Hannan dreams of fleeing the world of digital consulting for the wilds of Puna, Hawai'i, to tend to his tea farm. He lives with his husband there and in San Francisco.

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